Warsaw became a capital city of Poland at the turn of the 17th c. Subsequently, the kings and the most influential aristocrats turned the new capital into a city of palaces and gardens – all in the Baroque style! The Wilanow Palace and Garden, located in the distant southern part of the city, and not destroyed during the WWII, is a perfect place to see how it was like to be the mighty king of Poland and Lithuania.

The Wilanow Palace is considered to be one of the oldest museums in Poland. The Baroque royal apartments, private rooms decorated in the 18th century style and halls created in the 19th c. – all that is opened for every visitor. The museum itinerary includes also the so-called Polish Portrait Gallery with a collection of paintings from the 16th to the 19th centuries, such as the Portrait of Count Stanisław Potocki by Jacques-Louis David and the coffin portraits characteristic for the Old Polish culture.

Then, the palace is surrounded by a mix of formal Baroque garden, a romantic English-Chinese park, and an English landscape park. And a landscape specialist will be able to find some more influences. There are many music concerts being held both in the halls and in the gardens. And in winter, the museum is renowned for its gardens of light installations.

Our service
We provide guiding services – we can guide you in the Museum permanent exhibition and the gardens. Tickets to Wilanow for individual visitors must be bought at the Wilanow Museum ticket office (no possibility of on-line booking). Group visits must be booked via the Wilanow official website (no more than 25 pax in a group). On request, we can assist you with the booking.
A guided tour of the Wilanow Palace * takes approx.: 60 – 80 min.
A guided tour of the Gardens* takes min. 30-40 min.
* Please note that availability of exhibitions, the opening hours and the guiding restrictions are subject to the Wilanow Museum Regulations

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