Lublin Onion Pletzls

The fourth episode of Jewish Food Tour is focused on the Ashkenazi flavours in the Lublin and Kazimierz Dolny area. It is also a regions renown for its picturesque landscapes, but are there any traces of Jewish food? Check it out!

Bialystoker from Podlasie

Podlasie – it is one of the most delicious travel destination in Poland you can think of. Well, at least in my opinion. In this episode I decided to look for Jewish flavors in Białystok and Tykocin. A look what I found!

Krakow Bagel

Jewish bagel – legendary Jewish snack from… Krakow! In this episode I explore the Ashkenazi roots of bagels in the most magical city of Poland. But there are more delicious stories to tell and places to visit while in Kraków. Just have a look!

Warsaw Tzimmes

How about Jewish food in contemporary Poland? Is it easy to get a plate of gefilte fish, roasted goose or tzimmes? You’ll find some answers and travel tips in the first episode of “Jewish Food Tour of Poland” – a culinary travel vlog series that I wrote and directed for Polin Muzeum.

News from the farmers’ market: end of autumn

The end of autumn is probably not the best season for a Warsaw city visit and even a devoted local patriot like me would admit it. Let be honest about it: the weather conditions are questionable at best and it is getting dark around 3-4 PM and you can forget about seeing the Sun earlier…

Praga: my favourite spots on film

How about a guided walk in Praga, a Warsaw city district? Thanks to the Common Roots Campaign launched by the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews I can show you round my favourite spots in spite of the pandemics regulations. Sounds like fun? Just join me on my walk!

Winter garden in Wilanow

November in Warsaw? Late January city break? Let’s face it: the weather may be rather challenging and it’s getting dark about 5 PM. So, what is there to do in the late afternoon? Well, go to the Wilanów garden! A visit to a garden in Warsaw in late autumn or winter may seem like a…

Still here

Hello! I am still here and full of enthusiasm for sharing secrets and stories of my home town. Guiding is getting hard due to the safety regulations but I am working on some new and exciting ways of showing you Warsaw. Stay tuned! And the current situation in Poland? Check the Polish government site:

News from the farmers’ market: late summer

Late summer and early autumn are the best moments to visit farmers’ markets in Poland. They are full of colours and local flavours. It’s our harvest time. I went shopping at my local market in the southern outskirt of Warsaw and, then, I guided a food tour in the city centre so with my guest…

Warsaw’s jewels hidden in plain sight

How about a walk in the southern part of what we call Śródmieście (Midtown)? During this 3,5-hour walking tour you will have chance to both learn a little bit about the city’s past and soak up the atmosphere of the modern-day Warsaw. We leave from the hotel to admire the Palace of Culture and Science…