Warsaw’s most popular landmarks, travel tips coming from both professional and personal experience and carefully prepared trips which enable you to experience the highlights of the Polish capital city, and its region called Mazovia – you will find it all here.

Tailored tours in Poland is a project run by two professional Warsaw city guides: Agnieszka and Renata. We offer personalised tours of Poland centered on Warsaw and the Central Poland. On my personal blog I share our experience, adventures and discoveries. I write about Warsaw and Poland, give travel tips and comments.

What would you like to do during your stay in Warsaw?

You have a few options. You can visit the historic part of the city but maybe you’re more interested in exploring Jewish heritage and Holocaust sites. You can also venture off the beaten track or sample local cuisine. How about a day trip to some places of interest in the region?

How can we assist you?

We are experienced local guides with driving licenses and cars. Our long standing cooperation with transport companies allows us to offer competitive prices and top quality for any number of individual tourists. We also provide our services to several travel agents and tour operators. If you need a local guide – contact us.

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