Tours in Warsaw

Looking for a general itinerary?

If you happen to land in Warsaw, then expect an intoxicating mix of ultramodern city life and nostalgic look at times gone by of the intrepid capital annihilated by the winds of History and resurrected through the unbroken spirit of its inhabitants. Here you will find some of our itineraries, but let us know what your interests are (and how much time do you have for the city exploration) and we will get back to you with a tailored made tour.

Plans for half a day

The most popular programmes such as the highlights of Warsaw and the Jewish heritage will give you an opportunity to visit the city top-10 monuments and sights. However, there is lot to see off the beaten track, like the Praga district  or Warsaw’s jewels hidden in plain sight it is a walk along streets in the less known central district full of street arts, popular bars and restaurants and elegant pre-war architecture


 What’s up?
After sightseeing, indulge in hedonistic pleasures of some of the country’s best restaurants, clubs and bars or explore the historic and picturesque countryside. Ask us directly about our recommendations or follow us on Facebook or Instagram

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