Flavours of Warsaw

How about a walk or tasting tour with a local foodie? Vodka, Polish dumplings called pierogi and a vast range of pork sausages, these are the flavours that are quite commonly associated with the Polish cuisine. But is there some food that is typically varsovian? We prepared a series of itineraries that allow you to discover a complex culinary identity of Warsaw and have a full meal.

The history with food stops

We can take you for a 2 hours walk in the historic Old Town to discover the culinary dimension of the most precious treasure: the district listed as the part of the UNESCO World Heritage for a comprehensive reconstruction after WWII. In 4 hours we could visit the Old town and venture into the northern part the city’s downtown and explore historic cafes and popular craft pubs . 

Where do you go?

Where do we go? The culinary map of Warsaw is slightly different from the city’s top 10 tourist attraction. In 3 or 4 hours we can take you for a walk in the most interesting culinary locations in the city as they are located in one neighborhood between Ujazdowskie Av, Marszałkowska and Poznanska St. As an alternative, we can guide you along the most characteristic and special places in the central Warsaw visiting popular spots in different districts, but we will need a taxi or a private car.

A day of local food and stories

Visitors who are willing to spend more time getting to know Warsaw and its food may consider a day long tour that will include a walk in the Old Town, a tour in the district of historic cafes and pubs of the center and important market areas with its unique atmosphere such as the Różycki’s bazaar famous for dumplings served (and sold) in glass jar. All that in addition to the city’s most popular landmark such as the  Old Town, Łazienki Park, Palace of Culture and the area of the former Jewish Ghetto.

The length of the tour is subject to change depending on the participants orders and restaurant service. The list of restaurants and eaters may change on request of the participants.