Jewish heritage & Holocaust sites

You need at least a day and two, to visit the most important spots for the history and culture of the local Jews. Before the WWII Warsaw was practically a bicultural city as the Jewish community was so large and active both culturally and socially. We prepared two itineraries: one focuses on the city centre of Warsaw and the other on the Prague district (the eastern bank of the Wisła river).

But let’s not forget that nowadays Warsaw is home to the largest Jewish community in Poland. What does it mean to be a Polish Jew? See for yourself and visit the POLIN Museum dedicated to the history of Polish Jews.

Holocaust sites

While visiting Treblinka , you will see the Mausoleum erected to commemorate the victims of the former Nazi concentration camp and a local museum where a model of KL Treblinka II death camp is displayed. Treblinka is located a little over 100 km east of Warsaw. It takes approx.: 1,5 hrs to get there from the city centre.

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