Country living in Mazovia

A full day trip to the western parts of Mazovia includes visits to the historic manor house in Żelazowa Wola, famous as the Frederick Chopin birthplace, the estate in Nieborow, the English – style park in Arkadia, a short stay in Łowicz for handicraft souvenirs and lunch in a local folk – inn.

The historic estates and manor houses located in the vicinity of Warsaw give a unique yet nostalgic insight into traditional country living of Polish nobility, from a modest manor house in Żelazowa Wola to a proper Baroque palace in Nieborów.

The western part of Mazovia is especially renowned for its unique folk culture centred in Łowicz, such as the paper cut-outs used for house decorating and distinctive patterns of the local costumes – the local museum and souvenir shops are the best opportunity to get a proper view on the subject!

Our service

The full tour itinerary can be organised in the spring-summer season due to the Nieborów and Arkadia museums openings (from the 1st of April until the end of October). Shops in Łowicz are closed on Sunday.

  • Guides and tickets:

We can provide guiding services in all the above mentioned places.

Tickets to the Lowicz Museum, Zelazowa Wola and Nieborow/Arkadia complex can be bought directly in the ticket offices of the museums or we can assist you with the booking.

  • Restaurants and transport:

On request we can provide transport services and book lunch in the local inn.

  • Our recommendation:

Near Nieborów: Oberża pod Złotym Prosiakiem

Żelazowa Wola: Przepis na kompot


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