While in Warsaw – go to Edo!

Early spring weather in Warsaw may be tricky. There is an old Polish saying: w marcu jak w garncu – it means that the weather in March is like a cooking pot: expect everything from snow and freezing wind to nice sun. What to do in the worst snow storm scenario? Our recommendation for spring 2017: go to Edo.

“Podróż do Edo” (Journey to Edo) is the title of a new temporary exhibition in the National Museum in Warsaw. Until May 7th you can enjoy Japanese ukiyo-e prints from a private collection of Jerzy Lestkowicz. There are more than 300 works from the 18th and 19th centuries and they will take you on a unique journey from Kyoto to Edo.

My favourite room is a workshop area adjoining the exhibition where you can see a truly fascinating short documentary on the process of the Japanese colour print making. The artists skills and precision are simply amazing!

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