Christmas in Warsaw

Every December Warsaw turns into a Christmas amusement park, full of light decorations and seasonal markets. The festive atmosphere lasts until the end of January, but the preparations have already started and you can see workers building sculptures and light pergolas all over the city centre.

In 2018, the winter lights display covered approximately 20 km of streets and cost 6. 5 million PLN (divide by 4 to get the amount in EURO or USD). What is more, every year there are ice rinks built in different parts of the city. Traditionally, there is one prepared in the middle of the Old Town Market Sq. surrounded by kiosks selling street food that are both: seasonal and local such as mulled wine, lard (pig fat) and pickled cucumber sandwiches, herrings with onions and grilled sausages and cheese.  And there are giant Christmas Trees almost at the every corner of the historic centre of Warsaw…

For 2018/2019 witer season, the official “switching on” is scheduled for the second weekend of December (8th Dec), but the construction of the display has been in progress since mid November.  The winter city activities prepared by the city authorities and shop or restaurant owners provide us all with a unique opportunity to see Warsaw in a festive mood. The most interesting decorations are located in the Old Town and Krakowskie Przedmieście area so you can enjoy them while following our city walk called the highlights of Warsaw. However, if you have more time for your visit, we recommend that you set off on a winter panoramic city tour that is focused on the seasonal decorations in different parts of the city such as polar bears in Praga district or a colorful peacock and Xmas bus in Lazienki park area in addition to the Old Town and the historic district.

How about Xmas shopping? You will not find one large Xmas market, but there are many smaller events spread all over the city in different locations. There is one in the Old Town. It is located along the Old Town city walls and it will be opened until the end of the season. On the other hand, there are temporary markets organised just for a day or two especially over weekends before Xmas. For example, there are markets that focus on special food, Polish clothes and design, old books, Polish posters. So, ask your guide…

And if you are interested in our winter itineraries contact us and ask about prices and bookings

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