Winter garden in Wilanow

November in Warsaw? Late January city break? Let’s face it: the weather may be rather challenging and it’s getting dark about 5 PM. So, what is there to do in the late afternoon? Well, go to the Wilanów garden! A visit to a garden in Warsaw in late autumn or winter may seem like a rather unusual travel tip but just have a look at the photos taken in the Royal Garden of Light last winter. It is a special open air exhibition opened in the Wilanów gardens and it is on in spite of the pandemics. Have you ever seen it before? It’s sill worth coming as each year there is something different and surprising.  

The winter decoration shows you the Italian formal garden that surrounds the Wilanów palace in a different and more magical way. It is just a small part of the estate. During the day you can also visit a romantic English-Chinese park, and a large landscape park (and any landscape specialist will be able to find some more influences). It’s just…Well now, the vegetation is simply rather less impressive and that is why we have the Royal Garden of Light.

The current 2020/21 edition of the Royal Garden of Light is open every day between 4 PM and 9 PM (last entrance 8 PM) until Feb 28th. There are mappings held on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) so check the schedule on the Wilanów Museum site and, perhaps, get your ticket on line to avoid queuing. The Wilanów Palace and Garden, located in the distant southern part of the city. It is very easy to get there by city buses no. 116 or 180. As far as guided tours, they will have to wait until the pandemics restrictions get loosened. How is it in Poland now? Current updates in my post Still here

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