News from the farmers’ market: late summer

Late summer and early autumn are the best moments to visit farmers’ markets in Poland. They are full of colours and local flavours. It’s our harvest time.

I went shopping at my local market in the southern outskirt of Warsaw and, then, I guided a food tour in the city centre so with my guest we explored the Hala Mirowska market on Jan Paweł II Av. And here is what I found.

It is still a season for berries: raspberries, blackberries, some very late strawberries and wild berries that tasted as they looked so absolutely gorgeous. There were American blueberries as the are very popular in our fruit gardens. You can by them per kilos or a basket called łubianka but there is an extra charge for the basket 2 or 3 złoty added to the price of purchased goods. In same stalls you may bring your old łubianka back.

And last but not least mulberries but there aren’t too many of them. It’s been a very dry summer so we don’t have much in terms of forest fruits and mushroom. And mulberries, well, you pick them up while hiking in the forest. But don’t worry if you set your mind up on trying pierogi with mulberries, the sweet version of our popular dumplings.

First of all, we usually have some frozen fruits stored so you shouldn’t have bigger problems to get them even when the summer’s been hot. Or you can consider going to the mountains. It’s always easier to get them in the southern Poland (our mountains: Tatra, Sudety, Pieniny) than it the centre of the country. And here is my plate full of pierogi with mulberries, sweet and whipped cream on top, that I had at lunch in the regional restaurant Bąkowo Zohylina Wyżnio in Zakopane.

What’s more, late summer it’s a good time to try jagodzinaka: a sweet bun with mulberry as breakfast or snack. You will be able to get them at the baker’s or pastry shops pretty much everywhere in Poland.

And last, but not least you can have a bowl of seasonal Polish berries with a splash of mint in your fruit salad as I did last night in Nosalowy Dwór also in Zakopane. There are some advantages of being a tour manager and having delicious lunches and dinners in lovely places all over Poland is one of them.

Places I stayed and recommend

In Warsaw: visit the farmers’ market next Hala Mirowska, John Paul II AV, the address: 1 Mirowski Sq.

In Zakopane: Bąkowo Zohylina Wyźnio, 28 a Piłsudski St. (regional restaurant) and posh 4* hotel called Nosalowy Dwór

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